ESR Analyzer

Micro Sed-20 ESR Analyzer

  • Accurate and Reliable
  • Clean and Safe
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Quick and Easy
Technical Specification:
  • Measuring Time. 30/60 Minutes
  • Capacity:20 pcs Maximum
  • Measuring Speed:40 pcs/h
  • Mechnical/ Optical Precision of detection :+/- 0.1 rim
  • Reproducibility of Analysis: <3%
  • CV Memory Capacity:260 pcs
  • Printer Type: Built-in Printer

Micro Sed-10 ESR Analyzer

Providing you the best range of ESR Analyzer MicroSed such as Micro Sed-10 ESR Analyzer and Micro Sed-20 ESR Analyzer with effective & timely delivery.

  • Smart Technology
    Modem IR microtechnology - Robust performance & greater efficiency
    Real time detection of specimens
    Real time measurement and reporting of results
  • Temperature compensation
    Automatic compensation referred to 18 °C (Manley)
    Result: in Westergren mm/hr (by interpolation)
    Fully automate Auto start of measurement
    QuickTurn-around time: Easy set up of tests Add specimen to tube Place tube in analyzer Results within 30 minutes
  • Ease of Use
    Easy Start up - Simply plug into an on-line UPS and start testing
    No training required:No special expertise required
  • Complete flexibility
    Random access
    Use any open chamber to automatically measure,time and report result
    Provides convenience and flexibility to run tests at anytime and in any order
    No batching of samples