Digital Thermal Shaker

Digital Thermal Shaker

  • 4 micro Plates

    With the ability to accommodate either 4 microplates simultaneously, the DTS-4 enable a considerable increase in processed volume. These high-precision space-savers tree up valuable lab space while still ensuring a superior level of performance.
  • 1.5 mm Rotational Orbit

    The DTS series features an ideal rotational orbit of 1.5 mm for maximum performance. and works conveniently with any standard microplate.
  • Bi-Directional Heating System

    The hermetic thermostatic container of each unit is equipped with a bi-directional heating system housed within both the base and the lid. lmpervious to room temperature, this component allows the entire volume to be heated uniformly while eliminating condensation at the same time. The result - pinpoint accuracy and reliability with even micro-volume samples.
  • Simultaneous Display Of All Adjustable Parameters

    With a user-friendly display panel showing temperature, RPM, and timer settings separately, technicians can adjust these criteria with ease.
  • Autonomous Memory For Storing User Settings

    Operate the DTS-4 with confidence, knowing that in the event of power outage or disconnection from power supply, these units will independently store all user settings.
  • Guaranteed For Robust, Durable Operation

    Equipped with an anti-vibration system, and durably designed for daily hard duty and long life, these digital thermostatic shakers will be a valuable asset and dependable partner in your lab.